We'd like to present the Police Interceptor Utility.
The simple fact is that police vehicles spend a lot of time idling. That's what makes the hybrid powertrain on this new Police Interceptor Utility perfect for law enforcement. The standard all wheel drive system further enhances the abilities of this all new unit.

The lithium ion battery can power the onboard electrical equipment allowing the gasoline engine to be turned off. This could save your department with a significant improvement in fuel economy and engine idle time as well as across the board improvements in performance and capability.

This is the first ever pursuit rated hybird Police SUV with no trade offs when it comes to interior space, cargo area or officer safety. In fact, this new SUV is 75MPH rear-impact crash test rated.

if your department prefers to stay with a traditional gasoline unit, you'll be glad to know that the Police Interceptor Utility is also available with a 3.3l V-6 or 3.0l Ecoboost power plant.

You'll also find Bluetooth technology, standard. There's an available rear camera with On-Demand that allows the rear camera to be activated with the push of a button and not simply limited to when the vehicle is placed in reverse. The improved Police Perimeter Alert uses the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) to analyze nearby motion to determine if the behavoir is a threat. A display in the instrument cluster shows moving objects with a motion trail and potential threat level. If potentially threatening behavoir is detected, this unit will sound a chime, activate the rear camera, roll up the windows and lock the doors.

The Police Interceptor Utility made it's New Jersey debut at our faciilty. Here's a video from the event.

There's much more about the Police Interceptor Utility than we can mention here. We invite your call for all the details.

Learn more about the Police Interceptor Utility by clicking HERE.

2020 Police Interceptor Utility Picture

Ford Police Interceptor Utility


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